For 30+ years, C.L.O.G. has hosted cloggers from around the world to spend Thanksgiving weekend together sharing fellowship, laughter, and their love of dance. We couldn’t imagine letting a year like 2020 go by without having a Fun Dance on Thanksgiving Weekend, albeit Virtually.

Premiering 8pm Eastern Time on Saturday, November 28th, 2020 with appearances by: Jeff Driggs, Naomi Pyle, Sherry & Gavin Cox, Trevor DeWitt, Misty & Chip Harrison, Chip Summey, Andrew Perry, Barb Guenette, Darolyn Pchajek, David & Susan Phillips, Jamie Conn, Kellee Ramirez, Missy Shinoski, Rhonda Butzke, Shane Gruber, Dustin Stephan & more!

Special Thanks to Trevor DeWitt and

You can download all of the cuesheets from the dance here:…

National Clogging Organization

Download the cue sheets for the 2020 Virtual CLOG Fun Dance