Happy New Year! We are so excited to re-introduce our all new site for cloggers! Clogdancing.com has been redesigned from the ground up! There are new systems that bring information to cloggers in a better and faster way.

Special thanks goes out to Kerri Orthner for her ideas, suggestions, and testing of the site to help ensure the best experience for you.

You can become an active member of the clogging community! Register your new clogdancing.com account and start sharing.

EVENT CALENDAR: There is an all new event calendar were you can find upcoming clogging events from around the world. Yes, they are on Facebook, but this site is dedicated to clogging events in an easy to find way.

CUE SHEETS: Share your clogging choreography with everyone! Upload your cue sheet to our database. You can even post a YouTube video of your choreography right along side your cue sheet!

DIRECTORY: Completely redone with better features, you can now list yourself in our instructor directory. Additional directories will be added soon.

VIDEOS: YouTube comes to us. Our YouTube channel is now incorporated onto the site so that cloggers and people wanting to learn to clog can quickly find videos. We’ll let you know how you can add your videos to our library soon.


FREE EMAIL ACCOUNT: You can get a free email account that reflects your passion. yourname@clogdancing.net Request your email account today.

FREE WORDPRESS WEBSITE: Pair your email account with a free website that is part of the clogdancing.net work. yoursite.clogdancing.net Register your website today.

I am so excited you visited us today and we look forward to seeing what you can make clogdancing.com become in the future!

Trevor DeWitt
Owner of Clogdancing.com