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Hi – Debora Duckett here.  I’ve lived in Austin, TX since 1975 but I spent most of my younger days in North Carolina & went to Chapel Hill just before moving to TX. I fell in love at first sight with clogging when I saw the Apple Chill Cloggers perform. They “taught” a class at the UNC gym where you’d watch them do a step and try to follow. They were known for their high kicks which looked so cool & I just HAD to do that! I finished my 6 weeks and that was that. There were no “clubs” or places to dance. To make a long story a bit shorter I moved to Tx, eventually met my husband (we’re married almost 35 years now) and worked while bringing up my 2 fabulous kids. Dan also worked – AND went to school. That left very little time for us to do something on our own. I was going stir crazy (that’s the nice way to put it) when he brought a home a flier for – you guessed it – clogging lessons. Mary Smith and Earl Ramsdell taught the classes with Clickety Cloggers & I stood in the back, afraid to say anything, and ate up every minute.

I eventually started teaching & choreographing and started a group – Contemporary Cloggers who still meet each week. I’ve been lucky to have been invited to teach at Nationals (C.L.O.G.), FL, KS, CA, SC, and regularly in TX. I’m currently the TCC (Texas Clogging Council) SW Vice President. I’ve made some wonderful friendships with cloggers and I look forward to having new adventures & relationships. Come introduce yourself! See you on the dance floor!

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